KU Anthropology: Graduate Programs

The Department of Anthropology is transitioning to a Ph.D. only program, to be effective for Fall 2019. 

The new program is expected to include an MA option along the way.  All graduate applicants will apply directly to the Ph.D. program. 

The following requirements apply to students entering in Fall 2018 or earlier.


M.A. Degree Requirements

The M.A. program is a general curriculum for students who wish to enter the Ph.D. program in anthropology or who plan to pursue graduate studies only to the M.A. level. Formal requirements for the M.A. include

  • Completion of 30 credit hours of graduate work in anthropology and related disciplines, including three, (students lacking a strong anthropological background may be required to select four as determined at the time of admission and in consultation with their advisor), of the following courses: ANTH 701, ANTH 702, ANTH 703, ANTH 704, and ANTH 706;
  • Completion of the subdiscipline requirements;
  • Completion of the M.A. thesis, non-thesis (research paper accepted for publication or an internship report), or M.A. non-thesis coursework equivalent; and
  • Passing the final M.A. examination.

Handbook for Graduate Students

Detailed information, application deadlines, and general information may be found in the Graduate Student Handbook, available on the Useful Links for Graduate Students page.

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