Emeritus Professors

David W. Frayer
Professor Emeritus, Biological Anthropology, (Ph.D., Michigan 1976)

Research Areas: paleoanthropology, human osteology; Old World Prehistory

F. Allan Hanson
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Chicago 1966)
Fraser Hall, Rm. 639

Research Areas: semiotics, social impact of technology, social theory; Polynesia, contemporary US

John M. Janzen
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Chicago 1967)
Fraser Hall, Rm. 635

Research Areas: medical anthropology, semiotics, violence, trauma and healing; Central Africa, Euro-American Mennonites

Professor Emeritus, Archaeology, (Ph.D., Arizona 1965)

Research Areas: Archaeology, paleoecology, systematics; North American Plains, Southwest

Anta Montet-White
Professor Emerita, Archaeology, (Doct. es Lettres, Bordeaux 1965)

Research Areas: Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, Pleistocene environment; Europe

Felix Moos
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Washington 1963)
Fraser Hall, Rm. 636

Research Areas: Applied anthropology and ethnology, culture change and development, comparative value systems, ethnic conflict; East and Southeast Asia, Pacific

Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Indiana 1968)

Research Areas: Folklore theory, festivals, material culture, foraging societies; Spain, Latin America

Donald D. Stull
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Colorado 1973; M.P.H., UCB 1975)
Fraser Hall, Rm. 610

Research Areas: Applied anthropology, policy studies, rapid growth communities, meat and poultry industry, modern agriculture; US Great Plains, Upper South, contemporary North American Indians

Akira Y. Yamamoto
Professor Emeritus, Linguistic Anthropology, (Ph.D., Indiana 1974)

Research Areas: linguistics and education, language endangerment and maintenance, culture theory and culture change; US Southwest, Southeast, East Asia

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