Emeritus Professors

David W. Frayer
Professor Emeritus, Biological Anthropology, (Ph.D., Michigan 1976)

Research Areas: paleoanthropology, human osteology, Old World Prehistory

F. Allan Hanson
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Chicago 1966)

Research Areas: semiotics, social impact of technology, social theory, Polynesia, contemporary US

John M. Janzen
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Chicago 1967)

Research Areas: medical anthropology, semiotics, violence, trauma and healing, Central Africa, Euro-American Mennonites

Professor Emeritus, Archaeology, (Ph.D., Arizona 1965)

Research Areas: Archaeology, paleoecology, systematics, North American Plains, Southwest

Anta Montet-White
Professor Emerita, Archaeology, (Doct. es Lettres, Bordeaux 1965)

Research Areas: Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, Pleistocene environment, Europe

Felix Moos
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Washington 1963)

Research Areas: Applied anthropology and ethnology, culture change and development, comparative value systems, ethnic conflict, East and Southeast Asia, Pacific

Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Indiana 1968)

Research Areas: Folklore theory, festivals, material culture, foraging societies, Spain, Latin America

Donald D. Stull
Professor Emeritus, Sociocultural Anthropology, (Ph.D., Colorado 1973; M.P.H., UCB 1975)

Research Areas: Applied anthropology, policy studies, rapid growth communities, meat and poultry industry, modern agriculture, US Great Plains, Upper South, contemporary North American Indians

Akira Y. Yamamoto
Professor Emeritus, Linguistic Anthropology, (Ph.D., Indiana 1974)

Research Areas: linguistics and education, language endangerment and maintenance, culture theory and culture change, US Southwest, Southeast, East Asia

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