Le-Thu Erazmus Campbell, MSE

Office Manager
Course Scheduling Officer
Undergraduate Officer - Undergraduate Program
(M.S.E. University of Kansas)
Primary office:
Fraser Hall, Rm. 622A

  • Coordinate faculty search interviews/visits and guest lecturer including event planning/logistics and promotion.
  • Supervise student assistants
  • Assist department chair and the graduate coordinator to plan and coordinate ongoing departmental activities.
  • Assist Anthropology faculty with promotion and tenure college procedures and submission.
  • Office manager for the department.
  • Maintain departmental website and FB; serve on department website committee.
  • Schedule classes; curriculum changes/updates; enrollment monitoring including providing permission to enroll numbers for closed classes; order textbooks for instructors including ordering desk copies; maintain instructor office hours and course listing for each semester; provide change-of-grade forms; and maintain grade sheets from all courses.
  • Assist with prospective undergraduate student visits to campus.
  • Maintain e-mail and mailing addresses for all undergraduate Anthropology majors and minors.Unknown Object
  • Department keys contact/checkout.
  • Attend faculty meetings, take minutes, and transcribe.
  • Maintain semester evaluations – distribution, collection, process, and archive.
  • Maintain honor thesis library, process and mail publication requests, and collect all course syllabi for each semester.
  • Unclassified Professional Staff.

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