Majid Hannoum

Ph.D., Sorbonne 1991; Ph.D., Princeton 1996
Spring 2022 Office Hours:
By appointment. Zoom meetings can be arranged, contact me.
Primary office:
Fraser Hall, 636
University of Kansas
1415 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045-7590


Research Areas: Anthropology and history, social theory, cultural identity, political modernity, historiography and memory, religion and politics, violence and the state, immigration and globalization, Middle East, North Africa, France

Research Interests

  • Anthropology and history
  • Cultural identity
  • Political modernity
  • Nationalism
  • Narrative and memory
  • Comparative historiography
  • Violence and the state
  • Islam and politics
  • Cities and citizenship
  • Colonialism and postcoloniality
  • Semiotics and discourse analysis
  • Social theory
  • Theories of translation
  • Globalization
  • African migration to Europe
  • North Africa
  • Middle East
  • France

Courses Recently Taught

  • Religion,Power, and Sexuality in Arab Societies
  • Current Cultural Anthropology
  • Magic, Science, and Religion

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