Anthropology Faculty

Bartholomew C. Dean


Associate Professor,
Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard 1995

Research Areas:
Social anthropology, critical theory, kinship, politics, symbolic forms, material culture, health and human rights; Amazonia, Latin America | Fraser Hall, #618 | (785) 864-2649



Bartholomew Dean (Oxford MPhil, Harvard PhD) is an associate professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas and a research associate of KU's Laboratory of Biological Anthropology. In addition, he is research affiliate at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Tarapoto, Peru), where he directs the Anthropology Section of the Regional Museum,  Dean is a Contributing Editor for Lowland South America, U.S. Library of Congress’ Handbook of Latin American Studies. His research interest includes the ethnology of the Peruvian Amazon, health, human rights, political anthropology, social theory and ethics. His publications include Urarina Society, Cosmology and History in the Peruvian Amazonia (2009, 2013), as well as a co-edited book, numerous articles and several textbooks. Dean is currently working on a monograph dedicated to understanding social trauma associated with the political violence and civil unrest in the bajo (lower) Huallaga Region of Peruvian Amazonia. Dean is active in the area of human rights advocacy. For more information, consult CV.

Bartholomew Dean
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
618 Fraser Hall
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045-7556 USA
telf  (01)-785-864-2648
Director de Antropología
Museo Regional-Universidad Nacional de San Martín
Jr. Maynas N°177
Tarapoto, San Martín, Peru
telf (51)-987-594-278

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