Anthropology Faculty

crawford   Michael H. Crawford
Biological Anthropology

Ph.D., Washington University 1967
Research Areas: Biological anthropology, anthropological genetics, demography, molecular genetics, primate genetics, and genetics of twins; Arctic, North and Central America, Caribbean, Europe | Lippincott Hall, #5 | (785) 864-4170

Dean   Bartholomew C. Dean
Associate Professor
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., Harvard University 1995
Research Areas: Dean, Bartholomew C. (Ph.D. Harvard University 1995; Associate Professor) Social anthropology, critical theory, kinship, politics, symbolic forms, material culture, health and human rights; Amazonia,  Latin America | Fraser Hall, #618 | (785) 864-2648

dwyer   Arienne M. Dwyer
Professor,  Linguistic Anthropology
Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
2014 Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

Ph.D., University of Washington 1996
Research Areas: Linguistic anthropology, typology, in situ research methods, media archives, language documentation, digital humanities; China, Inner Asia, Central Asia | Fraser Hall, #638 | (785) 864-2649

  Jane W. Gibson
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Florida 1992
Research Areas: Environmental and economic anthropology, agriculture, natural resource management, tourism and development; US, Central America | Fraser Hall, #631 | (785) 864-2635

  Sandra J. Gray
Associate Professor
Biological Anthropology

Ph.D., SUNY University-Binghamton 1992
Research Areas: Biological anthropology, human population biology, human growth and development, maternal and child health and nutrition, metabolic adaptation, pastoralists; East Africa | Fraser Hall, #617 | (785) 864-2646

majid   Majid Hannoum
Associate Professor
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., Princeton University 1996
Ph.D., Sorbonne University 1991
Research Areas: Anthropology and history, social theory, cultural      identity, political modernity, historiography and memory, religion and politics, violence and the state, immigration and globalization. Middle East, North Africa, France | Fraser Hall, #607 | (785) 864-2650

  F. Allan Hanson
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D.,University of Chicago 1966

Research Areas: Social anthropology, semiotics, social impact of technology, social theory; Polynesia, contemporary US | Fraser Hall, #639 | (785) 864-2636

hofman   Jack L. Hofman
Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Ph.D., University of Tennessee 1986

Research Areas: Archaeology, hunters and gatherers, evolutionary ecology, lithics; Plains, Eastern North America | Fraser Hall, #619 | (785) 864-2634

hoopes   John W. Hoopes

Ph.D., Harvard University 1987

Research Areas: Archaeology, human ecology, ceramic analysis, digital and Internet applications; Southern Central America, Mesoamerica, South America | Fraser Hall, #629 | (785) 864-2638 | Personal Web Site

Janzen   John M. Janzen
Will become Professor Emeritus end of May 2014.
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Chicago 1967

Research Areas: Social anthropology, medical anthropology, semiotics, violence, trauma and healing; Central Africa, Euro-American Mennonites | Fraser Hall, #635 | (785) 864-2642

mandel   Rolfe D. Mandel
KU Distinguished Professor, Archaeology
Director ODYSSEY Geoarchaeological Program
Senior Scientist, Geoarcheaology/Quaternary Geology, Kansas Geological Survey

Ph.D., University of Kansas 1991
Research Areas: Geoarchaeology, Quaternary soils and geology, landscape evolution; Great Plains, Eastern Mediterranean Kansas Geological Survey. | Parker Hall, #101 (West campus) | (785) 864-2171

  Brent E. Metz
Associate Professor; Undergraduate Coordinator
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., SUNY University-Albany 1995
Research Areas: Indigeneity, indigenous reformulation, culture and power, collective memory, ethnographic representation, masculinity; Ch’orti’ Maya, Mesoamerica, Latin America | Fraser Hall, #609 | (785) 864-2631

mielke_2011   James H. Mielke
Professor; Associate Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences in CLAS
Biological Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst 1974

Research Areas: Biological anthropology, population structure, historical demography and historical epidemiology; Finland | Fraser Hall, #606a; Strong Hall, #200 | (785) 864-3661

Carlos M Nash   Carlos M Nash
Assistant Professor
Linguistic Anthropology and Language Technology

Ph.D., University of UC Santa Barbara 2011

Research Areas: Linguistic anthropology, language and culture, language and identity, language and the Internet, discourse analysis, Bantu, phonetics and phonology; contemporary US, Kenya | Fraser Hall, #614 | (785) 864-6357


Ivana Radovanovic
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Belgrade University 1993

Research Areas: Archaeology, prehistoric hunter-gatherers and early food producers, lithics, material culture and belief systems; Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean | Fraser Hall, #616 | (785) 864-2677

  Alan Redd
Assistant Professor
Biological Anthropology

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University 1998

Research Areas: Biological anthropology, human evolutionary genetics, population genetics, forensic genetics; Pacific Islands, Indian subcontinent | Fraser Hall, #615 | (785) 864-1854

Kathryn A. Rhine   Kathryn A. Rhine
Assistant Professor
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., Brown University 2010

Research Areas: Medical Anthropology; Anthropological Demography; Global Health Politics; HIV/AIDS; Motor Vehicle Collisions; Gender, Sexuality, & Kinship; Mobility; Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnologies; Nigeria; Ghana; Sub-Saharan Africa | Fraser Hall, #631 | (785) 864-3102

sellet   Frederic Sellet
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Southern Methodist University 1999

Research Areas: Lithic studies, hunters and gatherers, Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Western Europe | Fraser Hall, #657 | (785) 864-1042

Stull   Donald D. Stull
Graduate Coordinator - Graduate Programs
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Colorado 1973; M.P.H. University of California Berkley, 1975
Research Areas: Applied anthropology, rapid-growth communities, meat and poultry industry, industrial agriculture, ethnic relations, anthroplogy of food; Upper South, Anglo Americans, contemporary North American Indians | Fraser Hall, #607 | (785) 864-2641

takeyama   Akiko Takeyama
Associate Professor
Women's Studies
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2008

Research Areas: Cultural anthropology, gender, sexuality and class,   subjectivity and  the body, neoliberal globalization; Japan, East Asia | Fraser Hall, #614 | (785) 864-2645

Courtesy & Adjunct Faculty


Mary Adair
Archaeological Research Center
University of Kansas

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Kansas (1984)

Research Areas: Paleobotany, origins of agriculture, culture change; North America, Central Plains.

    Christine Makosky Daley
Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Research Areas: Native North America, the intersection of culture adn biology as it relates to health disparities and disease in human evolution, cancer explanatory models and prevention, health literacy and corss-cultural communication.


Sean M. Daley
Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Family Medicine, Kansas Medical Center

Ph.D., University of Connecticut 2005

Research Areas: American ranch and farm life, rural health disparities, cowboy cultures of the American West, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, southern Utah "Downwinders," American Indian religions and world views, American Indian federal laws and policies, contemporary American Indian reservation life: United States

    Eric J. Devor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Research Scientist, Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics, Integrated DNA Technologies, Caralville, Iowa

Ph.D., University of New Mexico 1979
Research Areas: Anthropological Genetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Evolution, microRNAs: Central Asia


David W. Frayer


  Professor Emeritus
Biological Anthropology

Ph.D., University of Michigan 1976

Research Areas: Biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, human osteology; Old World Prehistory




Kim S. Kimminau
Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Vice President for Research and Analysis, KS Health Institute, Topeka, KS

Ph.D., Ohio State University 1984
Research Areas: Applied medical anthropology, dental anthropology, health services and health policy research, minority health disparities, oral health, program evaluation: American minority populations

  M. J. Mosher, RN, PhD
Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University

Ph.D., University of Kansas 2002
Research Areas: Biological anthropology, nutrigenetics, and genetic epidemiology.    Research;  Nutrition, lipids,  immune system, and the effects of gene-by-environmental interaction on risk factors and disease susceptibility; Circumpolar populations (Siberia), Central Kansas Mennonites. 

    Mark L. Raab
Adjunct Professor
Professor, Department of Anthropology & Director, Northridge Center for Public Archaeology, California State University, Northridge

Ph.D., Arizona State University 1976

  Jerry A. Schultz
Courtesy Assistant Professor
Co-Director of the Work Group for Community Health and Associate Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Community Health and Development at KU

Ph.D., University of Kansas 1992

Research Areas: Community capacity bulding, community evaluation, community health and development, contemporary Native American issues, medical anthropology, community development : Native North America, US | Dole Center, Room 4082 | (785) 864-0533


Sarah Williams-Blangero
Adjunct Professor
Scientist and Chair, Dept. of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, San Antonio, TX

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University 1987

Research Areas: Genetic epidemiology, infectious disease genetics, genetic management of nonhuman primates: Nepal, Tibet, Brazil

  William Woods
Department of Geography

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1986
Research Areas: Abandoned Settlements, Anthropogenic Environmental Change, Cultural Landscapes, Soils and Sediments, Traditional Settlement-Subsistence Systems. | Lindley Hall 217-A | (785) 864-8992

Emeritus Professors

  Alfred Johnson
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., University of Arizona 1965

Research Areas: Archaeology, paleoecology, systematics; North American Plains, Southwest

  Anta Montet-White
Professor Emerita

Doct. es Lettres, Bordeaux 1965

Research Areas: Paleolithic archaeology, lithic technology, Pleistocene environment; Europe

  Robert J. Smith
Professor Emeritus
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., Indiana University 1968

Research Areas: Folklore theory, festivals, material culture, foraging societies; Spain, Latin America

  Akira Y. Yamamoto
Professor Emeritus
Linguistic Anthropology

Ph.D., Indiana University 1974
Research Areas: Linguistic anthropology, linguistics and education, language endangerment and maintenance, culture theory and culture change; US Southwest, Southeast, East Asia

  Felix Moos
Professor Emeritus
Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Ph.D., Washington University 1963
Research Areas: Applied anthropology and ethnology, culture change and development, comparative value systems, ethnic conflict; East and Southeast Asia, Pacific | Fraser Hall, #636 | (785) 864-2643

Associates in Other Departments, Schools, or Institutes

  Ann Kuckelman Cobb Ph.D.
Professor, KU Medical Center School of Nursing

Research Areas: Medical anthropology, anthropology in nursing, qualitative research methods.

  Myra J Giesen Ph.D.
University of Newcastle

Research Areas: International repatriation, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act implementation, museum collection management and curation, cultural resource management, human osteology; Great Plains.

  Robert J. Hoard Ph.D.
Kansas State University Archaeologist, Kansas State Historical Society

Research Areas:Early agricultural populations, ceramic technology, archeometry, NAGPRA compliance, public archeology; Great Plains.

  Jill Kleinberg Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Business, University of Kansas
118 F Summerfield

Research Areas: Cultural anthropology, comparative study of organizational behavior, multicultural work settings, organizational culture; Japan, U.S.

  John Mitchell Ph.D.
Department of Genetics and Human Variation, LaTrobe University, Bundoora

Research Areas: Use of molecular genetic markers to understand the origins and affinities of human populations, especially those of Oceania, South Asia, Native Americans, and Siberian aboriginal groups, molecular variation on the Y-chromosome (male specific) and human evolution.


Linda Redford Ph.D.
Director Central Plains Geriatric Education Center
Assoc. Director Center on Aging, University of Kansas Medical Center
Director National Resource Center on Rural Long-Term Care

Research Areas: Aging, social and caregiver support systems, long-term care systems, rural; U.S.

  Moses Schanfield Ph.D.
Chair and Professor, Department of Forensic Sciences, George Washington University

Research Areas: Genetic markers in human populations, serum protein, red cell enzymes and DNA polymorphisms, forensic applications of genetic markers, evolution of genetic systems.


Jerry A. Schultz Ph.D.
Scientist, Dept. of Life Span Studies
Work Group on Health Promotion & Community Development, a WHO Collaborating Center
4082 Dole

Research Areas: Community capacity building, community evaluation, community health and development, contemporary Native American issues, medical anthropology, community development; Native North America, US.

  Sarah Williams-Blangero Ph.D.
Scientist and Chair, Dept of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research

Research Areas: Genetic epidemiology, infectious disease genetics, genetic management of nonhuman primates;Nepal, Tibet, Brazil.

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