KU Publications in Anthropology

A Series of Occasional Publications Reflecting Research in Anthropology at the University of Kansas

An Analysis of the Human Skeletal Material from Burial Grounds in North Central Kansas.  By Terrell W. Phenice.  1969.  70 pages.  4 plates.  $2.50

The Leavenworth Site Cemetery: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. By William M. Bass, David R. Evans, and Richard L. Jantz.  1971.  215 pages.  15 plates.        $ 4.50

The Leavenworth Site: Archaeology of an Historic Arikara Community. By Richard A. Krause.  1972.  117 pages.  $ 3.00

Le Malpas Rockshelter: A Study of Late Paleolithic Technology in its Environmental Setting.  By Anta Montet-White, with chapters by Marie-Madeleine Paquereau, Richard A. Rogers, and Jean-Pierre Texier.  Reprint edition.  1973.135 pages. $10.00

An Anthology of Kongo Religion: Primary Texts from Lower Zaire.  By John M. Janzen and Wyatt MacGaffey.  Reprint edition.  1974.  163 pages.  LC 74-620186.  $12.00

The Art of the Festival: As Exemplified by the Fiesta to the Patroness of Otuzco: La Virgen de la Puerta.  By Robert J. Smith.  Reprint edition.  1975.  150 pages. LC 75-620186.  $12.00

The Tlaxcaltecans: Ethnohistory, Demography, Morphology and Genetics.  Edited by Michael H. Crawford.  1976.  208 pages.  LC 76-45144.  $ 8.75

Hopewellian Archaeology in the Lower Missouri River Valley.  Edited by Alfred E. Johnson.  1976.  144 pages.  LC 76-620074.  $ 7.00

The Talking Crow Site: A Multi-Component Earthlodge Village in the Big Bend Region, South Dakota.  By Carlyle Shreeve Smith.  1977.  192 pages.  23 plates.  LC 78-620011. $ 8.50

The Evolution of the Dentition in Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic Europe.  By David W. Frayer.  Reprint edition.  1978.  201 pages.  Out of Print

Culture Spaces in Everyday Life: An Anthropology of Common Sense Knowledge.  By Akira Y. Yamamoto.  1979.  137 pages.  LC 79-620029.  $ 8.50

Archaic Prehistory on the Prairie-Plains Border.  Edited by Alfred E. Johnson.  1980.  134 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-10-4.  $ 9.50

Human Problems in Computerized Medicine.  By Henry P. Lundsgaarde, Pamela J. Fischer and David J. Steele.  1981.  213 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-11-2.  $14.00

Studies in Symbolism and Cultural Communication.  Edited by Allan Hanson.  1982.  109 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-12-0.  $ 9.00  

Nebo Hill and Late Archaic Prehistory on the Southern Prairie Peninsula.  By Kenneth C. Reid.  1984.  133 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-13-9.  $9.00

Prehistoric Agriculture in the Central Plains.  By Mary J. Adair.  1988.  145 pages.   ISBN 0-938332-14-7.  $15.00

The Folk: Identity, Landscapes and Lores.  Edited by Robert J. Smith and Jerry Stannard.  1989.  254 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-15-5.  $20.00

Mechanisms of Human Dental Reduction:  A Case Study from Post-Pleistocene Nubia.  By James M. Calcagno.  1989.  124 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-16-3.  $18.00

Raw Material Economies Among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers. Edited by Anta Montet-White and Steven Holen.  1991.  415 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-17-1.  $30.00

Do I Still Have a Life?  Voices from the Aftermath of War in Rwanda and Burundi.  By John Janzen and Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen.  2000.  ISBN 0-938332-20-1.  $25.00

Different Seasons.  Biological Aging in Midwestern Mennonites.  Edited by Michael H. Crawford.  2000.  200 pages.  ISBN 0-938332-21-X.  $25.00

Proceedings of the International Conference on Mammoth Site Studies.  Edited by Dixie West.  2001.  190 pages. ISBN 0-938332-22-8.  $25.00

Tales From a Forgotten Place.   By Bismark Ranguy Sr. & Kathryn Staiano-Ross.  2003.  184 pages.  ISBN  0-938332-23-6.  $25.00

A Carved Loango Tusk: Local Images and Global Connections. Edited by John M. Janzen. 2009. 69 pages.   ISBN 0-938332-24-2.  $20.00

Exploring Variability in Early Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways. Edited by Stance Hurst and Jack L. Hofman. 2010. 178 pgs. ISBN 0-938332-25-2. $25.00

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