Undergraduate Advising

Enrollment Appointment times for Spring 2019 (Undergraduates):

Sophomores                   October 31-November 2

Freshmen                        November 6-9

Non-degree                    November 13

Academic/Career Advice and Course Recommendations

Undergraduate advising is recommended for all Anthropology majors on an annual basis.  For information regarding academic, career advising and major declaration, please contact our undergraduate advisor to make an appointment, or visit the Anthropology office (622 Fraser Hall) for questions about the the undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Advising

Gino Andreano
Academic Advisor CLAS
Phone: 785-864-3500
Office Hours in 608 Fraser Hall:  Call or send an email to Gino Andreano at the information listed above.  Please set up an appointment with him. 
Gino will hold office hours in 608 Fraser Hall on Tuesdays 9:00am - 12noon and 1:00pm - 4:00pm.

ANTH Spring 2019 List of Courses

Graduation and Degree Certification

Graduation application information can be found at the link below.  For questions about CLAS graduation requirements, declaration of Major and Department Honors Intent forms (must be signed by either Gino Andreano or by a staff member in the Anthropology office) please make an appointment with Gino.

Undergraduate Program

622 Fraser Hall
Phone: 785-864-4103


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Graduate Advising

First-year students are assigned an acting advisor upon acceptance to the program. After the first two semesters, each student must select a research advisor and consult with him/her before the beginning of each semester about future enrollments.

ANTH Director of Graduate Studies

          Dr. Bartholomew Dean
          ​​618 Fraser Hall
          Phone: 785-864-2648

Graduate Academic Advisor

Corinne Butler
726 Fraser Hall
Phone: 785-864-9419




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