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Amanda G. Kittoe

Ph.D. Student
Primary office:


Population genetics of Central Asia, morphological variation of modern humans, forensic applications, and psychiatric genetics (particularly ADHD)


BA from Case Western Reserve U in 2009, majored in Anthropology (physical) and Psychology

MA from Louisiana State U in 2013, Anthropology (physical)

Earning my PhD at KU, in Anthropology (genetic)


GTA Positions:

BIOL 152 (Intro to Organismal Biology lab)

BIOL 247/647 (Intro to Mammalian and Human Physiology Lab)


BIOL 241/440 (Human Observational Anatomy Lab)

ANTH 100 Online (Intro to Anthropology)

ANTH 104 (Fundamentals of Physical Anthropology)


Central Asian population genetics and linguistics, with Dr. Franz Manni at the Musée de l’Homme

Selected Awards & Honors

Chateaubriand STEM Fellowship, 2016

Connect with Anthropology