KU Anthropology: Graduate Programs

Completed application files received by December 15th

will be considered all funding opportunities for which they are eligible.

The following are the most commonly available funding sources available for incoming students. Availability is subject to change by semester or academic year.



Graduate Teaching Assistantships &

Graduate Research Assistantships

The majority of departmental funding for graduate students in anthropology comes in the form of Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions. GTA and GRA positions include a full tuition waiver, a stipend of at least $15,500 for fall and spring semesters, and health insurance with KU paying 75% of the premium.

GTAs are allotted to graduate students annually on a competitive basis. GTA openings for the next academic year are normally announced in the spring semester.

GRA positions are usually recruited and awarded by the individual faculty member conducting the research.

Awards and Scholarships

The department has various scholarships available each year for incoming students. Amounts vary, and some may be reserved for specific subdiciplines or topics. Current graduate students are eligible annually for scholarship funds to support research and travel expenses. Additional awards are available for students who demonstrate excellence in academics, scholarship, and teaching.



Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowships

Departments may nominate one exceptional applicant each year for a CDF. Fellows are expected to complete all doctoral degree requirements within five years. The fellowship provides $25,000 of support to each fellow.

Dean’s Doctoral Fellowships

Departments may nominate one exceptional doctoral applicant each year for a DDF.  Fellows are expected to complete all doctoral degree requirements within five years, to apply for an external grant in their first or second year in the program, and will receive a $22,000 stipend plus resident rate tuition and required fees for all five years.

University Graduate Fellowships

The Office of Graduate Studies distributes University Graduate Fellowships (UGFs) to doctoral programs on an annual basis. Each department may be awarded up to one first-year fellowship for a first-year doctoral student, and one first-year fellowship for a first-year underrepresented domestic doctoral student. The stipend for each fellowship will be distributed as a 9-month GRA stipend. Graduate Studies will provide a stipend of $16,000.

Incoming Student Scholarships

Each year department may nominate two incoming students for scholarships offered through the Office of Graduate Studies.  Most scholarships are for $5,000; some are reserved for under-represented domestic students.

Allen S. Wilber Scholarship

The Allen S. Wilber Scholarship provides funding of up to $10,000 for the study of social sciences or modern languages and literatures at the graduate level. Recipients must complete their undergraduate degree at KU and intend to continue on to graduate study in one of the humanities, social sciences, or international and interdisciplinary studies departments, programs or centers.  Eligible academic units may nominate one outstanding KU student who has expressed an interest in or has already applied to their graduate program.



KU Financial Aid & Scholarships

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information on additional opportunities for scholarships, federal financial aid, and grants. All domestic prospective graduate students are strongly encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, even those not intending to take student loans. International students may also be eligible for certain forms of financial assistance.



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