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CoLang: Institute on Collaborative Research on Language (2012)

CoLang was held at KU in Summer 2012. Students participated in six weeks of language documentation training: two-week workshops and four-week practicum courses. Here, the students present some of the discoveries and finding. Sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation's Documenting Endangered Languages Program.

CoLang 2012: Amazigh Practicum
CoLang 2012: Cherokee Practicum
CoLang 2012: Uda Practicum

Narrative, Memory, Migration, and Language Conference (2012)

Sponsored by University of Kansas - Department of Anthropology and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Additional Sponsors: Graduate Students of KU Anthropology and Department of Linguistics.

Peopling of the Aluetian Islands: Myths, migrations and genetics. Dr. Michael Crawford
Languages across Bering Strait: What linguistics reveals about ancient Arctic migrations. Dr. Edward Vajda
Teach my people in the right way: Realities and recollections of Haskell Institute, 1884-1894. Dr. Eric P. Anderson

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