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Anthropology Faculty Recognition:

Congratulations to Dr. Arienne Dwyer for her $200K Henry Luce Foundation grant for interdisciplinary research in network analysis and medical anthropology! Analyzing Turki Manuscripts from the Jarring Collection OnlineProject description.

Congratulations to Dr. Kathryn Rhine for her $225K Melon Foundation grant for interdisciplinary research in the medical humanities! The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation: John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures: Chronic Conditions: Knowing, Seeing & Healing the Body in Global AfricaProject Description.

Anthropology Faculty and Student Research:

On August 7th, seven Jayhawks and their professors and mentors waved the wheat with smiles to match the sun’s rays in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands, hundreds of miles from the coastal metropolis of Dar es Salaam. Spotting a landscape familiar to Kansans, the group paused for a quick photo on the edge of a wheat field just outside the town of Mufindi. Rolling hills surrounded the group as they reflected on the life-changing experiences of the past week. During the trip, new friendships were formed and partnerships with Tanzania-based KU alum were kindled, as these Jayhawks put years of Kiswahili language and African Studies coursework to use.  To read the full blog:  http://blog.college.ku.edu/waving-the-wheat-in-tanzania/


Anthropology Graduate Students in the News:

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our doctoral candidate, Joshua Homan (Dr. Bartholomew Dean advisor), on receiving a 2-year appointment as a Postdoctoral Researcher, on the “Geography of Philosophy: An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Exploration of Universality and Diversity in Fundamental Philosophical Concepts” project in the Departments of Anthropology and Economics, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). This project is a collaboration among USFQ, Rutgers, University of Pennsylvania, and UCLA. The focus of the project is to understand fundamental philosophical concepts – concepts that play a central role in the world-view of contemporary Americans and Western Europeans – are religious and cross-cultural universals that are used by people around the world, or if there is diversity in fundamental concepts such as understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. Josh’s appointment begins in December 2018.  To read more, go to https://www.geographyofphilosophy.com/about/

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