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Affiliates in Other Departments, Schools, or Institutes

Ann Kuckelman Cobb
Professor, KU Medical Center School of Nursing
Research Areas: Medical anthropology, anthropology in nursing, qualitative research methods.

Myra J Giesen
University of Newcastle
email: myra.giesen@ncl.ac.uk
Research Areas: International repatriation, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act implementation, museum collection management and curation, cultural resource management, human osteology; Great Plains.

Robert J. Hoard
Kansas State University Archaeologist, Kansas State Historical Society
email: Robert.Hoard@ks.gov
Research Areas:  Early agricultural populations, ceramic technology, archeometry, NAGPRA compliance, public archeology; Great Plains.

Joshua Homan
Postdoctoral Associate, Geography & Philosophy Project, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Equador
email:  josh.homan@gmail.com
Research Areas:  Dr. Homan will be working with Dr. Bart Dean on an NSF grant proposal.  Josh will be involved in the data collection, analysis and publication of results with Dr. Dean, who will be PI on the project.

Jill Kleinberg 
Associate Professor, School of Business, KU 118 F Summerfield
email: jkleinberg@ku.edu
Research Areas: Cultural anthropology, comparative study of organizational behavior, multicultural work settings, organizational culture; Japan, U.S.

John Mitchell
Department of Genetics and Human Variation, LaTrobe University, Bundoora
email: john.mitchell@latrobe.edu.au
Research Areas: Use of molecular genetic markers to understand the origins and affinities of human populations, especially those of Oceania, South Asia, Native Americans, and Siberian aboriginal groups, molecular variation on the Y-chromosome (male specific) and human evolution.

Linda Redford
Director Central Plains Geriatric Education Center Assoc. Director Center on Aging, U of KS Med Ctr. Director National Resource Center on Rural Long-Term Care
email: lredford@kumc.edu
Research Areas: Aging, social and caregiver support systems, long-term care systems, rural; U.S.

Moses Schanfield
Chair and Professor, Department of Forensic Sciences, George Washington University
email: mschanfi@gwu.edu
Research Areas: Genetic markers in human populations, serum protein, red cell enzymes and DNA polymorphisms, forensic applications of genetic markers, evolution of genetic systems.

Jerry A. Schultz 
Scientist, Dept. of Life Span Studies Work Group on Health Promotion & Community Development, a WHO Collaborating Center 4082 Dole
email: jschultz@ku.edu
Research Areas: Community capacity building, community evaluation, community health and development, contemporary Native American issues, medical anthropology, community development; Native North America, US.

Sarah Williams-Blangero
Scientist and Chair, Dept of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
email: sarah@darwin.sfbr.org
Research Areas: Genetic epidemiology, infectious disease genetics, genetic management of nonhuman primates;Nepal, Tibet, Brazil.

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