Anthropology Faculty and Student Research:

Community Action Project Recognition

Congratulations to 21 students who have been recognized from Dr. Bartholomew Dean's ANTH 160/162/360 (Varieties of Human Experience) class by the Community Action Project.

The Community Action Project provides an interactive venue for intellectual exchange and activism. Using the internet to draw thousands of students at over sixty universities together into an intellectual community, it encourages students to consider ethical issues that lie at the interface of anthropology and the contemporary world. Participating in the Community Action Project helps students improve both their critical thinking and writing skills. By actively addressing important ethical concerns, it provides students with a sense of engagement relating to the broader world as well as an understanding of how students from other universities, with different life-experiences, view the issue being addressed. By connecting with students’ own experiences, the Community Action Project makes anthropology come alive.

Anthropology Graduate Students in the News:

Congratulations to Dr. Kristie Beaty for her postdoctoral appointment at the University of Oklahoma’s Laboratories of Molecular Anthropology and Microbiome Research ( She will be working on a variety of ancient DNA projects. She begins her postdoc in January 2019.


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