Why Choose KU Anthropology?

Remote field instruction through Anthropology
Study anthropology to learn more about the origin, history and future of the human species. Anthropology is the most comprehensive and flexible of all disciplines, covering perspectives from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences:

  • More than two-thirds of our students complete second majors, minors and certificates.
  • The majority of our electives have enrollments of 20 or less.
  • Students have studied abroad in over 30 countries and speak dozens of languages.
  • Graduates find work in healthcare, law, business, museums, government and science labs.

As an anthropology student, you will learn about the varied cultures and peoples in the world, delve into the planet’s prehistory, and develop an understanding of the biological aspects of human existence.

Anthropology gives you a critical edge in the global career marketplace

As we encounter human diversity now more than ever before, anthropology provides students the skills they need to navigate an increasingly complex, multicultural and rapidly changing workforce.

  • Gain valuable research experience in laboratories, field schools and independent projects.
  • Take an informed stand on social issues where dignity, equality and solidarity are at stake.
  • Acquire an international perspective on struggles over economic inequality and poverty.
  • Explore how traits inherited from our evolutionary past help us address global epidemics.
  • Study human histories of technologies, innovations and ideas.
  • Recognize the ways language and material culture shape social interactions and identities.
  • Give engaging public presentations and write research grants and publications.