MA Requirements

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Overview MA Program

The MA program is a general curriculum for students who wish to earn an MA en route to the Ph.D. program in anthropology or who plan to pursue graduate studies only to the MA level. 


Students must complete at least 30 graduate credit hours in Anthropology or related disciplines. All students will receive training in five core topics:

  • Professionalism
  • History/Theory in the Four Fields of Anthropology
  • Knowledge in the Area of Specialization
  • Stewardship/Engaged Research
  • Research Methods

All courses must be selected in consultation with the student's faculty advisor.

Final Exam for the MA

The MA degree will be awarded upon the successful completion of a Master's Final Exam. The Anthropology program offers three options for this exam:

  • Thesis
  • Research Paper
  • Other Research Project

Continuation to the Ph.D.

Students who wish to continue in the doctoral program must complete a Qualifying Exam. The Qualifying Exam can be taken at the same time as their MA Final Exam or on a separate occasion.

Handbook for Graduate Students

Detailed information, application deadlines, and general information may be found in the Graduate Student Handbook, available upon request.