Jack L. Hofman

Jack L. Hofman
  • Associate Professor
  • Archaeological Anthropology

Contact Info

Fraser Hall, 622
Spooner Hall


Research Areas: hunters and gatherers, evolutionary ecology, lithics, Plains, Eastern North America


M.A. in Anthropology, University of Tennessee
Anthropology, University of Oklahoma


Courses Recently Taught

  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Hunters and Gatherers
  • Summer Anthropological Fieldwork
  • Training in Archaeological Fieldwork
  • Laboratory Techniques in  Archaeology
  • North American Archaeology

Selected Publications

Hofman, Jack L. “Clovis Archaeology in the Central Plains, Republic County, Kansas.” Journal Articles 34 (2016): 13–34.

Hofman, Jack L., and S. R. Ryan. “Refitting the Great Plains: A Long Distance Stone Tool Refit from Western Kansas.” Journal Articles 58, no. 226 (2013): 69–78.

Hofman, Jack L., and Jeannette M. Blackmar. “A Cody Locality on the Southern Prairie Plains .” Journal Articles 57 (2012).

Hofman, Jack L. “Made of Stone: Impacts on Early Historic Sites in Republic County, Kansas.” Journal Articles 33 (2012).

Hofman, Jack L., and D. Aaron. “Stone Arched Ceiling Caves: Early Historic Horizon Markers in the Central Plains .” Journal Articles 33 (2012).

Hofman, Jack L., and Brendon Asher. “Clovis Activity in the Central Plains Uplands .” Journal Articles 28 (2011): 47–49.

Hofman, Jack L. “Allen Complex Behavior and Chronology in the Central Plains.” Book Chapters. edited by S. Hurst and Jack L. Hofman, 25:135–52. University of Kansas Publications in Anthropology, 2010.