James H. Mielke

James H. Mielke
  • Professor Emeritus

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Strong Hall, 200


M.A. in Anthropology, University of Massachusetts
B.A. in Anthropology, University of Utah


Research Areas: population structure, historical demography and historical epidemiology, Finland


Courses Recently Taught

  • Demographic Anthropology
  • Disease and Adaptation

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Mielke, JH; LW Konigsberg; and JH Relethford (2011)  Human Biological Variation, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press.
  • Mielke, J.H. and A. Fix (2007) The confluence of anthropological genetics and anthropological demography.  In: Anthropological Genetics: Theory, Methods, and Applications, edited by M.H. Crawford, Cambridge University Press, Pages 112-140.
  • Mielke, J.H. (2003) War and Population Composition in Åland, Finland. Human Biologists in the Archives: Demography, Health, Nutrition and Genetics, edited by D. Ann Herring and  Alan C. Swedlund, Cambridge University Press, pp. 216-233.
  • Mielke, J.H. (2002) Warfare and Population Structure. In: Human Biology and History, edited by Malcolm Smith, Taylor and Francis Publishers, pp. 98-111.
  • Mielke, J.H.; Relethford, J.H.; and Eriksson, A.W. (1994) Temporal trends in migration in the Åland Islands:  The effects of population size and geographic distance. Human Biology 66(3): 407-418.
  • Relethford, J.H. and Mielke, J.H. (1994) Marital exogamy in the Åland Islands, Finland, 1750-1949. Annals of Human Biology 21(1): 13-21.
  • Pitkänen, K.J. and Mielke, J.H. (1993) Age and sex differentials in mortality during two nineteenth century population crises.  European Journal of Population 9(1): 1-32.
  • Mielke, J.H. and K.J. Pitkänen (1989) War demography:  The impact of the 1808-09 war on the civilian population of Åland, Finland.  European Journal of Population 5: 373-398.
  • Mielke, J.H.; Jorde, L.B.; Trapp, P.G.; Anderton, D.L.; Pitkänen, K.; and Eriksson, A.W.(1984) Historical epidemiology of smallpox in Åland, Finland: 1751‑1890.  Demography 21: 271‑295.